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The Munky n' Jenniez Fan Klub


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This is the Fan Klub for the coolest people in the world, Jenniez and Munky:

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RULES: Just post once after joining & we'll concider you favorable servents for awhile.
You may post about anything you would like as long as you at least put in a good word about us in the subject or entry. 'K, Thanks.

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"One by one, the lawn gnomes are stealing away my... pee holes!"


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12 stones, 80's, 90's, a perfect circle, adema, alcohol, alice in chains, american history x, anime, anthrax, bam margera, bass, billy idol, biting, black, black and white, bleach, blood, bobby's world, bondage, brand new, brand-new, brody dalle, bums, bunnies, butters, cardboard, chains, chuck norris, cky, cold, community, corey taylor, coyote shivers, david bowie, dead rock stars, deftones, dennys, don knots, donnie darko, dope, drugs, drums, duct tape, empire records, family guy, fear factory, finch, full house, garbage, gasoline, godsmack, grunge, guitars, gum, halloween, hatebreed, heroin addicts, him, home movies, icp, ill nino, incubus, jackass, jay gordon, jenny, john lennon, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, joy division, kittie, kitties, korn, kurt cobain, linkin park, lj, local h, long hair, marilyn manson, mary jane, metal, mindless self indulgence, munky, musicians, nine inch nails, nirvana, oi, orgy, pain, pale white girls, party boy, penguins, permanent markers, photography, piercings, pikachu, pin up girls, pitbulls, porn, powerman 5000, powerpuff girls, punk rock, purple stuff, raab himself, rain, rammstein, rancid, real world/ road rules, sars, scooter ward, scott weiland, seether, sex, sharp things, sharpies, shinedown, sid vicious, sleep, slipknot, soil, soundgarden, south park, spider one, starbucks, stone temple pilots, street punk, tattoos, the crow, the cure, the distillers, the exploited, the foo fighters, the plasmatics, the ring, the sex pistols, the used, the vines, thrice, trent reznor, uncle jesse, unplugged, vampires, velvet revolver, yard gnomes